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> F.A.Q.s About Safety

Part One: Construction

From its inception “Zzip the Flying Fox” was designed to exceed the international safety standards of the American A.C.C.T. (Association for Challenge Course Technology). This exciting activity is definitely one of the things that you should look for in your budget holiday deals.

Soil and engineering studies were commissioned to analyze factors of security, calculate forces and tensions and approve the tower, cable and anchor designs. These same studies were then reviewed by an American engineer with considerable experience in the design and implementation of ziplines around the world.

The cables used are high quality ½” diameter cables with a steel core (6x19) manufactured under ISO9001 and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and shipping standards and are guaranteed to resist more than 12,600 kg of force.  The principle cable is secured by CROSBY “fist grips” and all secondary cables use galvanized steel clamps.

The cables are attached to solid steel towers constructed with three railway tracks welded together into a triangular structure and buried 3.2m into a 15 CUBIC meter cement, steel and rock base. Each base is additionally supported by three subsidiary steel cables attached to an additional cement, steel and rock base of 10 cubic meters buried deeply into the ground behind the towers.

Part Two: Equipment and Training

All safety equipment used (helmets, carabineers, harnesses– Black Diamond, pulleys – Petzl) are from international brands and are certified to support 20-30KN and to comply with the standards of the UIAA or the CE.

Local guides have been in training for more than five months in how to safely operate this activity as well as more generally in rescue, first-aid, and other skills. The guides now have over 18 months of practical experience operating the Zipline with no major accidents recorded doing the activity. Local guidesare supervised by an English-speaking senior guide and all operations are supervised by the prestigious Bolivian mountaineering company Andean Summits (




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