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This adventure activity, known in English as a “Zipline” or a “Flying Fox” or in Spanish as a “Tirolinea/maroma,” consists of traveling rapidly along cables suspended above a valley or forest through the use of a harness and pulley system attached to the cables.


“Zzip the Flying Fox” has been constructed to provide an especially exciting version of a Zipline with long stretches of steel cable (464m , 505m y 587m respectively - 1555m in total) suspended hundreds of meters above the valley floor and tensioned to enable participants to reach speeds of up to 85km/hr.  “Zzippers” descend sitting in a harness that is attached to the cable via a pulley and various security tapes.  “Zzippers” also wear a helmet and thick gloves. After descending at full speed the natural curve of the cable slows the “Zzipper” before they arrive at the next base station, or the “Zzipper” can apply a brake to slow down more.


"Zzip the Flying Fox" was developed in 2010 to fulfil a perceived need for great activities in the Yungas region, and specifically to encourage those people who were biking down the "World's Most Dangerous Road" to spend a night or two in Yolosa or Coroico. The objective was to create something that would help all hotels, hostels and tour operators in the Yungas region should benefit from the huge (25,000+) number of people biking down the "Death Road" each year. By providing a high-quality, safe, and professional activity in the area and working closely with the communities we hope to encouarge other tour operators to develop more "community" based attractions and activities in the area.


"Zzip the Flying Fox" is a community project in that a portion of each ticket sale goes to local communities for their own projects, young locals (who otherwise might move to the big city) are trained as guides, transport is provided by local operators, and a rent is paid to local communities and property owners who own land where the zipline bases are. Yolosa, where the Zipline is based, has been adversely impacted by the construction of the new road to Coroico and beyond as this road bypasses Yolosa. While this does have the advantage of removing the majority of traffic from the Old Road, which makes biking down the "World's Most Dangerous Road" significantly safer, it does mean a significant reduction in ecnomic activity for the stores in Yolosa. We hope that the Zipline will go some way to helping rejuvinate economic activity in Yolosa and the surrounding areas, perhaps inspiring other people to set up tourism businesses in the region that can further assist the local economy and communities.





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